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100+ Days Later … Here Are Our Best Players!

100 Questions, and over 100 unique players, these were the best; with three players distancing themselves from the pack. BUT WAIT A MINUTE …
take a look at the full stats below.

Here are the full stats on the game, including THE BEST PLAYER WITHOUT GOOGLING!

  1. There were over roughly 125 unique game players. Due to inaccuracies in typing, we cannot be certain of the exact number
  2. The easiest question? Question #38 (answered correctly by over 94% of players):

    The answer was A.
  3. The most difficult question? Question #42 (answered correctly by less than 13.3% of players):

    The answer was C. General Dodonna said it in the original 1977 movie, not Obi-Wan Kenobi; he said it in later movies.
  4. The first player to play the game? SY2570, who played on average by 7:50 a.m. (ET). Despite not starting to play until question #16, SY2570 finished 4th overall (see where he/she landed on the “From Memory” list at the end).
  5. The first question to include a hint? Question #20
  6. The most contested question? Question #11:
    The answer was D. Due to various reports, this was difficult to state incontrovertibly. Same for question #25, America’s favorite ice cream flavor.
  7. The favorite question? Question #12:

    The answer was D. He shockingly sang it that many times!
    We also really enjoyed Question #81 (the bad grammar was for effect):
    The answer was D.
  8. The trickiest question? Question #56:

    The answer was D. The line was misquoted.
  9. We had new players join and drop out almost every week of the game. More often than not, players would try for the first time and guess wrong, never returning again. Over 100 players gave up after fewer than 10 attempts.
  10. Finally, our From Memory best players were!
    When we removed all answers where players said that they asked someone or looked up the answer, the top winners change dramatically except for Oatf6789 (2nd place in the overall game), who won by a large margin! He’s followed by Brian H and RoLinda. Assuming everyone answered that question honestly, a hearty congrats to Oatf6789 and the other “From Memory” players.

    This isn’t to say that those who used Google would not have guessed or remembered correctly, but this is what the data showed.

Prizes to our winners will be sent soon.

The hardest part of the game was concocting hints that were helpful, but did not make the answer obvious. The second hardest part was creating games that could not be researched (that darn Google). We are planning a weekly quiz game that is mostly unresearchable. Let us know if you would play.

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If you have any questions or comments, please email us at 100DayGame@syzygymedia.net .

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